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View our project history timeline

By viewing our timeline below you're able to see a full history of every project that You Are Their Voice has cultivated. We're proud of the work we've done to support vegans and activists, and we're thankful to every single contributor that was there to make it happen. ❤

Every single project we built whether it was for us or someone else, we did for free, and contains no advertisments what-so-ever. We never ask for any sort of promotion or payment in return for our volunteer activism work. That said, if you'd like to support us with a donation, we'd really appreciate it!

   You Are Their Voice Project Timeline

Tokyo Vegan Meetup (TVM) Established in 2006, holds vegan related events almost every week, that are open to all. All our information is available in both (Japanese and English) and organisers are volunteers. As of January 2019, membership of TVM stands at almost 7,000 and growing fast.

A 8-part documentary series directed by James Hoot that takes a deep dive into the fastest growing social justice movement of the 21st century. The Planet Vegan team spent the past year traveling around the globe and documenting the world's most exciting vegan events, most forward thinking companies, prominent animal rights activists, and so much more.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary founded the "Rancher Advocacy Program" that helps farmers transition away from animal-exploitation by tranforming their land into energy, plants and other animal-friendly uses. This program has garnered so much positive media and farmer attention that it needed its own website so that they could easily connect and produce resources to help the program!

Find and share inspirational Vegan videos! Spread the compassionate Vegan message with our curated playlists, or create your own from our huge video library. Quickly create customized playlists for your friends and family that would connect with them the most, or discover videos that help you with your own activism or entertainment!

We're a group of passionate Vegan Activists that volunteer our time and skills towards projects assigned to us by You Are Their Voice. Every project we volunteer on aims to help spread compassion through Veganism by supporting both vegans, non-vegans and activists in some shape way or form. We commit to one project a month, with a cooldown period every three months. ❤

Track your Vegan impact by adding people that have either gone or are going Vegan, Vegetarian, Plant-Based, etc, because of your activism. Add custom labels and colors to organize your tree the way you want it. If someone on your tree makes their own account, add them by username and their live tree and stats added to your own tree, just like that!

We wanted to help Ryuji with his activism by creating and hosting his website with You Are Their Voice. Ryuji has a significant platform on Instagram and an upcoming youtube channel where he frequently produces high-quality content promoting Veganism and helping current vegans.

Our vegan robots are constantly scanning social media, they retweet people we think are looking for help with going Vegan. Use our site to quickly find these folks, copy relevant helpful resources, and offer your support in seconds! In just 5 minutes you can help 5 or more people become Vegan right now.

We realized that as a Vegan jumping into activism, it was hard trying to find which organization needed help and what specific types of activism there were to get involved with. We decided to create a website where you could find all major organizations to volunteer at in one easy place.

You Are Their Voice was founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on New Years Eve. Our goal? Promote Veganism by creating, maintaining, hosting and funding vegan projects, while heavily focusing on supporting current and future vegan activists.

Thank you so much to everyone for their support!