At this very moment animals all around the world are being enslaved, abused, raped, tortured and killed; needlessly exploited for food, clothing, and our pleasure. They experience fear, they try to run, and they scream and cry out for help, for an end of their suffering... but they have no voice. You are their voice.

Who are we, what do we do?

You Are Their Voice was founded by David & Samantha van Beveren, two passionate vegan activists who wanted to find meaning in their lives by spreading compassion through veganism as much as possible.

We support vegans with ideas; If you have an idea that can help you or others with the goal of spreading veganism, let us know, we'll help support you in any way we possibly can with our resources.

We build projects & concepts; If you have a website, app or some other project concept that you think folks could use to spread veganism in any way, we'll happily build that out for you with our team.

We fund vegan activists; Interested in street activism but need funding for vegan cupcakes, stickers, signs? Do you need help with camera gear, graphics, or transportation? We'll gladly support you!

For specific details on what we fund and support, please click here.

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